Extensive Locations
We are proud of our many efficiently run warehouses located throughout the country Our various locations such as New York, California and Canada enable us to offer you an enhanced level of service and a greater variety of benefits to our customers .

Endless Benefits

Precise Factory Inspections
Placing a heavy emphasis on product superiority, we perform strict quality control measures with physical inspections of each product prior to shipping. Our constant vigilance and examination allows us to guarantee the ultimate excellence in quality.

Monthly Informative E-mails
Our monthly e-mails keeps our customers informed and . From our latest products to news on trends on market trend. Our timely communications provides you with vital knowledge and information.

Consistent Shipping Procedures
We meticulously follow operating procedures and ensure that each requirement is in compliance with all regulations, completely avoiding additional costs and hassles associated with charge backs.

EDI Compliant Vendor
Our professional us to process and transfer data through EDI services. This enables us to manage orders at a quicker speed and create a more efficient process in an accurate and precise manner.

Dear Merchant:

Every four minutes, someone buys a Smartek product appliance.

Smartek has already earned a reputation for excellence. Close to 8,000merchants across North America now stock our top-of-the-line garment careproducts.

You see, I know that there simply is no line of complete garment care productsin the world that compares to Smartek. I can hardly meet demand for our steamers. And our irons, in particular are another top seller. Plus, all Smartek products are backed by a solid warranty (six month to two years). All appliances are UL/ETL-listed.

Known for quality construction from quality components. A recognized.
and preferred brand.
Expedited shipping service.
Products that move. They're in demand and they sell.
Exclusive branding.
Generous profit margin. Average mark-up: 50-100%!
Classy product line. For a classy store with a classy clientele.
Exclusive items: corded or cordless iron; rechargeable lint shaver; closet purifier.
EDI compatible.

Our exclusive two new items: The pant press and Steam Station Iron rounds out the  Smartek garment care line. When you carry Smartek products, you carry something for everybody in every price range. Plus custom promotions are available.

Smartek products are in demand, and they ought to be in your store. Enjoy our new, expanded catalog. And please call us today. We'll ship your order immediately.

Code of Vendor Conduct
  • All of Smartek factories must conform to the labor laws of the applicable country.
  • These labor laws reflect the basic principals of the international labor organization and the United Nations.
  • Employees must have access to local labor laws- so they know what their rights are.
  • Smartek will not work with factories that blatantly breech local labor laws.
  • Smartek doesn’t work with any factories that have child labor or forced labor. If a factory of Smartek uses subcontractors, Smartek will inspect the factory and this factory must abide the same law standards as the primary factory.
  • Smartek will not work with factories that use home workers. Smartek has direct access to all factory managers and payroll information, identity paper, age documentation. Smartek does not work with factories that work with sub contractor’s factories that will not disclose this information and don’t have transparency in their employment relations.
  • Smartek will only work with manufactures that share their values and maintain the highest ethical principals of trust, team work, honesty and respect for the rights and dignity of others.
  • All the factories that Smartek uses employ voluntary- paid worker. These workers decide if they want to work or not.
  • Smartek won’t work with factories that are involve with force labor, prison labor, denture labor.
  • Smartek will not work with factories involve in hazards working conditions.
  • Smartek will not allow the factories to use any dangerous chemicals.
  • Smartek will not tolerate and physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal harassment or abuse including the use of corporal punishment.
  • Smartek inspect factories to ensure safe and healthy work environments for the factories employees. All factories must provide first aid supply, fire exist and safety equipment. Well lit workstations, clean restrooms, and ensure that all are well maintained in good working order.
  • Smartek will only work with factories that address the basic need of workers and their families to as far as possible. Factories must pay the minimum wage and mandated benefits.
  • Smartek will not work with factories that allow workers to work more than the maximum working time allowed by the local law.

    Smartek employs two full time inspectors to enforce the above. Our office is located in Ningbo to ensure factories maintain their integrity with social responsibly and maintain quality standards in all factories that we work with.
Smartek USA Inc. offers an extensive line of garment care products geared for common household use. They are Manufactured with, unique functions, exclusive design, economical pricing and most of all superior quality.This in turn, results in mutual benefits to retailers and their customers. We are confident that all consumers will find their pick from our exclusive and coordinated line.

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