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RT-05 Clothes Shaver

RazorTek Clothes shaver gives clothing, upholstery, blankets etc a fresh new look in seconds.

This cordless, lightweight shaver safely trims only the top fuzz, suctions it neatly into a detachable bin, eliminating pills, lint and fuzz from wool, knits and synthetics without damaging the fabric.

The large shaving surface makes it fast and easy to use

Large 2" head
Removable fuzz bin
On/Off switch
Protective stainless steel shield over rotary blades
Adjustable to fabric thickness
Comfortable open handle grip

60 pieces in a box weight 30 lbs.



Smartek USA Inc. offers an extensive line of garment care products geared for common household use. They are Manufactured with, unique functions, exclusive design, economical pricing and most of all superior quality.This in turn, results in mutual benefits to retailers and their customers. We are confident that all consumers will find their pick from our exclusive and coordinated line.

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