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RX-24C Compact Foldaway Sewing Box

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This lightweight and compact sewing kit is specifically designed for travel. Includes all accessories needed for any sewing project and is great to help you organize and keep your thread collection and accessories neat. The recessed carrying handle makes toting it around practical and easy.

  • P r o d u c t F e a t u r e s

  • 24 spools of thread

  • 1 scissors

  • 1 measuring tape

  • 1 needle threader

  • 1 Thimble

  • 30 needles in a box

  • 8 white buttons

  • 6white bigger buttons

  • 6 black buttons

  • 6 pair of hook & eyes

  • 20 straight pins

  • 5 pearl pins

  • 5- safety pins- 20mm

  • 5saftey pins-28mm

  • 4 skirt hooks

  •  8 snaps 6mm

  • 6 snap fasteners-10mm

  • 1 set –step skirt hook




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