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ST-25 Deluxe Lint Shaver


Deluxe Clothes Shaver Features

  • Comfort – grip handle
  • Revitalize clothes in a matter of minutes
  • Effectively rejuvenates most fabrics
  • Very low power consumption
  • Motor driven, speedy and practical
  • Removable fuzz bin for quick disposal
  • Use cord or cordless

4 C batteries (not included) or AC adapter included.

Smartek Deluxe clothes shaver safely and efficiently removes pills, lint and fuzz from clothing, upholstery, drapers, blankets, carpets, and much more. This fabric shaver safely trims only the top fuzz and suctions it neatly into a detachable bin thereby eliminating pills, lint and fuzz from wool, cottons, knits and synthetics without damaging the fabric. The large 2.5” shaving surface makes it fast and easy to use.

By using the power cord included with the shaver, you can continuously shave without the hassle of changing batteries.

Think twice before discarding your “old” sweaters! Smartek Deluxe fabric shaver will restore your clothing, upholstery to a fresh new look quickly and easily.

20 pieces in a box, weight 20 lbs.



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