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ST-X100N Steam Station Iron

 Powerful Steam Station Iron

Product Features:

  • Dry cleaning results on all fabrics, even silk and delicates
  • Separate boiler heats water quickly to a higher temperature
  • No water droplets on garment
  • Maximum burst of steam
  • Little to no arm pressure required.
  • Steam and heat control settings.
  • Multi-angle steam – Can be used in a vertical position
  • Iron on/off light indicator
  • Boiler on/off light indicator
  • Steam ready on/off light indicator

 Product Description

Say goodbye to ironing and step into the world of steaming.   Dry cleaners have been utilizing the amazing benefits of steaming for years and the Steam Station allows you to access the same professional results.  The Steam Station presses dry steam into the fabric of your clothing, softening the fibers, and smoothing out wrinkles in a fraction of the time.

This revolutionary product produces powerful bursts of dry steam that gives your garments that crisp, fresh look.  The Steam Station has a separate boiler located at its base, isolating the water and eliminating any water stains or damage to your garments. This separate boiler also allows the water to quickly reach a higher temperature and dramatically reduce your ironing time.

Although extremely powerful, the Steam Station iron will gently press your silks and delicate fabrics. Designed for your optimum comfort, it requires little to no arm pressure and can be used in a completely vertical position. The Steam Station’s amazing capabilities will catapult you from the tedious chore of ironing into the enjoyable activity of steaming, saving you time and providing superior results.



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