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Dear Valued Customer,

With the current rough times and turbulent economic forces, thousands of individuals are experiencing a decline in their income every day. From rising prices to drops in the stock market, your consumers are all feeling the painful pinch of the times.

So, experts say, tighten your belts. Stiffen up the budget. Cut down on daily expenses. But how? When your customers sit down and analyze their monthly outlays, they’d notice that an awful lot of money is being spent on garment care: laundering, dry cleaning, alterations, and tailoring. Well, they can knock all those expenditures right off the debit column. There are many things that people are accustomed to outsourcing that will become part of their daily routine in order to cut costs, like washing and ironing clothing, instead of dry cleaning, and mending hems and sewing buttons, instead of using the services of a tailor or seamstress. 

At Smartek, we have a wide variety of appliances that provide expert garment care and assist in the upkeepand Smartek Mini Rexmaintenance of apparel, from specialty ironing boards whichmake the chore more pleasurable to powerful steamers which produce crisp and clean clothing. Our Mini Rex Sewing Machine was featured on CBS Early Show as the perfect gift, and is an inexpensive, easy to use product that your customers will clamor for to help make their lives easier and more enjoyable.

During this difficult time, your customers will be exploring different measures. They will constantly be on the lookout for ways to save money. Our products will provide them with the excellent opportunity to maintain a professional, attractive appearance without paying the exorbitant price.

 From crafty sewing machines to specialty irons and powerful steam brushes, Smartek has everything you need to provide your garments with expert care.  For more information, visit our site at or contact us at (888) 380-2111.

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Smartek USA Inc. offers an extensive line of garment care products geared for common household use. They are Manufactured with, unique functions, exclusive design, economical pricing and most of all superior quality.This in turn, results in mutual benefits to retailers and their customers. We are confident that all consumers will find their pick from our exclusive and coordinated line.

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